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Managing Your
Fleet in style

MOT, Service, Repair & Accidents

About us

VehicleM8 is the ultimate Fleet management system, giving you the ability to record all details about your fleet.

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VehicleM8 is designed to make managing your fleet easy so that you save time and money and have LIVE information about your fleet.

VehicleM8 does gives you all the administrative tools that you need to manage every aspect of your fleet including:

  • MOT & Service details.
  • Productivity & Efficiency.
  • Advanced Reporting.

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MOTs & Services

Keeping accurate records of when important checks are required is an essential part of running any fleet.

VehicleM8 is designed to enable you to easily record these details and allows you to plan more effectively in the following ways:

  • Automatic email reminders
  • Store related documentation
  • Resource and Asset management

Productivity & Efficiency

Understanding the productivity and efficiency of your fleet vehicles gives you priceless knowledge and enables you to pre-determine when a vehicle is likely to need replacing etc.

Easily analyse and process information about your vehicles

  • In Service Time
  • Off Service Time
  • Accident & Defect History

Advanced Reporting

VehicleM8 is designed to produce some advanced reporting features. The reports will enable you to detect patterns and plan better which in turn will help improve productivity

Some of the main reports are:

  • Depot Monthly Summary
  • Accident Report
  • Efficiency Report
  • Financial Report

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